Sitting groups


Meditation gives us an opportunity to quiet our minds and focus our attention on what is happening to us right now.

Silence and stillness are supportive of this quieting and deepening process.

With this in mind, we strive to create a sacred space in which to meditate and study the dharma.

The following guidelines are in the spirit of creating and supporting a sacred space to benefit everyone.

  • Make every effort to arrive on time. If you arrive late, please take a seat near the back of the room or near a door.
  • The quieting process begins as soon as you enter the building. Please enter the room, remove shoes, and settle in mindfully and quietly.
  • Practice mindful movement during the meditation. If you need to change your position, move slowly, making the movement part of your meditation. This way you will support the best quality of stillness and silence possible for yourself and others in the room.
  • Limit your comings and goings during class out of respect for the practice, the teachings and others. If you know you have to leave early, please take a seat at the back of the room or near a door.


For schedule information about specific sitting groups (sanghas), please refer to the BCIMS Calendar.

If you would like to find a specific group, or search for a specific teacher, you can use the Search feature at the top of the page.

To have your sangha information added to our web site, please contact us with the details.

May all beings feel safe and secure. May all beings know peace.